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General areas of interest to ESCE 2018 include but are not limited to:
Environmental Science Geology & Geophysics
Global warming Technical aspects of treatment and disposal methods
Environmental dynamics Leachate treatment
Air Pollution Management of hazardous solid waste
Atmospheric physics Soil Restoration/ Phytoremediation
Water Treatment  
Physical oceanography Civil Engineering
Global environmental change and ecosystems management Structural Engineering
Climate and climatic changes Building Materials
Carbon capture and storage Soil-Structure Interaction
Biofuels Offshore Structures
Integrated ecosystems management Road & Bridge engineering
Satellite applications in the environment Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental restoration and ecological engineering Landslide Hazard Mitigation
Habitat reconstruction Computer Simulation and CAD/CA
Biodiversity conservation Hydraulic Engineering
Deforestation Hydro-Environmental Systems
Landscape degradation and restoration Slope Stability
Soil decontamination
Coastal Engineering
Eco-technology Water Quality Control and Water Treatment
Bio-engineering Engineering Management
Environmental sustainability Municipal and Urban Engineering
Resource management Architecture & Urban Planning
Life cycle analysis Computational Mechanics
Environmental systems approach Construction Technology
Clean technologies Concrete Technology
Sustainable cities Soil and Water Sciences
Health and the Environment Fire protection Engineering
Quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring Water resources Engineering
Management and regulation of point and diffuse pollution Irrigation Engineering
Monitoring and analysis of environmental contaminant Earthquake Engineering
Anaerobic treatment Solid Waste Management
Sludge treatment and reuse Impact loading on Concrete Structures
Advances in biological, physical and chemical processes Fracture in Concrete
Emission sources Composite Materials and Structures
Atmospheric modelling and numerical prediction Highway and Transportation Engineering
Interaction between pollutants Application of GIS to Civil Engineering
Control technologies Building Technology & Construction Management
Optimization of collection systems
Ground Water Contamination and Remediation
Recycling and reuse  
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